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  CD and Book

  Outline of the content of the CD and Book

         We start with a simple 'Hello hello, how are you ' song. Then we cover the alphabet, birthdays, numbers to 20, also with a rhyming number rap. A girl soloist sings 'Tête, épaules...etc

       Then comes a weather song: Il fait chaud, il fait mauvais, il fait froid... etc. Now a song asking  'where are you going with days of the week and places. We also have a food song  and a funky song in the past tense about a range of drinks.


       There follows a blues rhythm 'Lundi Matin Blues je suis allé ......'saying where you went and what you bought..  Now an invitation song  inviting you to play a range of sports  'On joue au foot demain..oui je veux bien ....etc..

       A cool rap song with percussion.. J'aime jouer au foot, j'aime faire du ski j'aime aller au parc samedi... etc. There  is also 'the Music Man' , a preposition song , a song asking how to get to places... and lots more!!  It ends with a lovely slow action song about daily routine.. 'Je me lève  je me lave  je me brosse les dents.....etc                (40 tracks)

All songs have a karaoke version and all but a couple have accompanying music - keyboard,  guitar and bass. 

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The book, fully illustrated in colour, is topic based, and is appropriate for pupils in years  5 and 6 (also into year 7) . It contains pupil exercises  / vocabulary /  crosswords /  grammatical structures,   full explanations and  all song lyrics. 

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